WWA #16: Spencer is Terrible

Spencer Ham, Evan Jacover and Ryan DiGiorgi guest.

Evan asks a urinal stall etiquette question.
Arnie wants to talk about being the butt of a joke.
Ryan poses a Back to the Future III scenario.
And Spencer hates wacky photo booths.

Listen here and find out why Spencer is the worst.


WWA #15: Comedy Names Are Hard

Nate Fernald and Adal Rifai guest.

Nate argues that teenagers should not be allowed on the internet.
Adal wants to talk about out-moded social mores.
And Arnie mentions the name of every group in the Chicago Sketchfest to underline the impossible task of coming up with a good comedy group name.

Listen here and participate in the internet.

WWA #14: Waiting For Third Guest

Kate Duffy and Rachael Mason guest.

Rachael asks what’s wrong with America?
Duffy wants to talk about 2012 and the end of the world.
Arnie calls an audible and changes his topic to discussing if the third guest will show up in time and speculating about where she might be.

Click here and listen while you wait.

WWA #13: We Eat Candy Bars

Mike Hall and Rush Howell guest.

Arnie has everyone bring candy bars to eat and discuss.
Mike asks for awkward dating stories.
Rush asks an ethical dilemma question involving an expensive Civil War plate.

Click here to listen and eat some candy bars with us.

WWA #12: 4 Years at Babbages

Jeff Hansen and Matt Young guest.

Jeff asks what TV show we’d want to live in for a month.

Arnie wants to talk about Gay Dumbledore.

Matt brings up a topic about eternal life and a van full of naked people

Then Jeff tells the story of living a lie while working at Babbages.

Click here to listen and get into the van!!

WWA #11: Let’s Blow Hitler!

Beth Melewski and Rich Sohn guest.

Beth asks the classic question: pie or cake?

Arnie wonders if dogs can really sense if we’re good people.

Rich poses the question, if you could timetravel and stop Hitler with a bj, would you do it?


Click here and listen if you dare!

We Wrongly Assume #10: Francis and Meredith

Jeff Griggs and Jeannie Cahill guest.

Jeannie asks what person from middle school you wanted to be.
Jeff asks what movie you’d want to live in.
Arnie asks what things make a place a home.

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